How Long Your Garage Door Springs Will Last

Your garage door is a crucial tool that you use sometimes each day. Many parts make up your system including the springs. The team at Area Garage Door has a couple of tips on when to change your springs and how to take care of them.


Garage Door Spring Types

There are various kinds of garage door springs. The most typical types are tension and torsion springs. Torsion springs work in a twisting motion to open and close your door. They are normally installed on either side of your door.

As the door closes, the springs wind up and store energy. When the door opens, the springs launch the energy to help the door open.

Life-cycle of An Average Spring

The torsion springs do not last forever much like any other part of your garage door. As the door opens and closes several times a day, the springs break. When the springs wear out, they also damage and can’t hold the door as well as before.

The normal life-cycle of torsion springs has to do with 10,000-20,000 garage door cycles or about 7 years. A lot of domestic garage doors have a standard torsion spring. Industrial doors in some cases have higher-grade springs which can last more than 25,000 cycles or about 15 years.

Reasons to Replace the Springs

There are other factors to change your springs other than breaking. Sometimes mishaps occur or your door gets weather damage. If the panels have extreme damage, the springs may require a replacement too.

Garage doors hold up against humidity which typically suggests rust on the springs. If you discover rust on your torsion springs, call an expert right now. Waiting to replace your springs will lead to damage on other parts of your system.


Preserving Garage Door Springs

Preserving your springs is essential if you want them to last a long time. Examine them at least when a month. You can do this by standing within your garage and enjoying the springs carefully as the door opens and closes.

If you notice any gaps in the springs, make sure to call an expert immediately. Any spaces in the springs can result in the door falling. This will trigger severe injury.

Keep the Garage Warm

Winter is difficult on your system. If you reside in an area with extremely winter, consider placing a heating unit in the garage during serious temperature levels. Heating up the springs will let you unlock efficiently and keep the springs in good condition.
Oil the Mechanical Parts

The mechanical parts of your door require good lubrication in order to keep working well. You can do add lubrication on your own or have an expert to it for you. Professional service technicians will place a top quality lube to make the parts last longer.

While torsion springs do not last forever, they can last many years will appropriate maintenance and care. If you have any concerns about your garage door, the team at Area Garage Door is happy to address them for you.

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